Story Of Ozpro

For True pet LOvers

“Passionately driven by giving only the best to our pets, the name OzPro is derived from the concept of “Every Ounce is Professionally Made”. Made with only the best intentions and care for every pet alike.

With years leading to providing the finest quality products, we underwent meticulous research and development with pet nutritionists and scientists. By bearing nutrition, health, and convenience in mind, we aim to offer the best for every four-legged friend.”

"We believe that every pet deserves the best, and we are committed to providing them with the products they need to live their best life. "

Cindy Chong

Founder of Ozpro

OzPro RawFeast was born to deliver the purest form of protein. The freeze-dried process can retain the nutritional value of raw meat, yet provide convenience as refrigeration is not required.

Cats are known to be carnivores compared to their canine counterpart, as felines naturally require more protein due their descendants following a whole prey diet.
And thus, OzPro Kibbles is born!

We all know that cats are known to be sensitive (and sassy) creatures, and most of the time, we needed to put in extra effort to let them open up to us. And so, to make this easier, we came out with Licka Licka! Made using the best ingredient and crafted with love, Licka-licka is guaranteed to be your cat’s favorite in no time!

We understand how much of a hassle to scoop cat pee every single day, and the undeniable scent of cat litter lingering around the house. Suck’it! Crystal Cat Litter serves a strong intention to give the cleanest, most convenient and long lasting litter that is safe for you and your cats.

Guaranteed to deliver the best

OzPro is manufactured based on industry-leading international food safety standard. Here are our certifications for every product that promises the most nutritious and convenient pet food you can trust and rely.