Revolutionary Crystal Cat Litter

OzPro Suck’it Crystal Cat Litter locks in urine & odour and allows the moisture to evaporate after a few minutes to ensure complete dryness that leaves no residue at the bottom of the litter tray. It also dries up feces, which reduce odour and makes scooping easier & cleaner. OzPro Suck’it Crystal Cat Litter is always dry and ready for your cat to use it over and over again, yet still last longer than any other cat litters.

Cleaner for cats, cleaner for you

Going loco for OzPro!


This is incredible and yummy!


I have tried the OzPro RawFeast Signature Holistic Ostrich 😋 ( Complete and Balanced) Freeze Dried Raw Meat 🍖 and it was so pawlicous!


We really like it because it helps with our picky cat! You will not regret it.


This rawsome complete diet is power packed with 100% humangrade quality raw meat & all the nutrients we need daily! It was paw-licking good!

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