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Tips for Feeding Fussy or Picky Eating Cats

#1 Set a Feeding Routine

Rather than free-feeding your cat, stick to a feeding plan of meals at set times of the day to help your cat familiarize itself with a routine. This trains them to expect when food will arrive.

#2 Try Different Flavours

Perhaps it’s just not a favourable flavour for your cat. Some cats prefer fish-based recipes over chicken-based recipes or vice versa. Give your cats OzPro RawFeast a try. We now have up to 15 flavours of freeze-dried pet food for you to choose from. Shop our full range here.

#3 Reduce the Treat

It’s hard to resist their adorable faces but giving too many treats throughout the day can lower their motivation to eat their main meals as they will be expecting more yummy treats instead!

#4 Try Different Food Types

There are so many options in the market nowadays. From kibbles, frozen raw, freeze-dried, to wet food and more, it’s worth a try to switch it up sometimes, just make sure to give your cat some time for transition. You can also try our very own freeze-dried pet food, with 3 different serving methods for you to experiment with! For more information, browse our full range here.

#5 Give Space, or Not

Some cats prefer to have an audience as they eat. Some even feel encouraged to eat more when hand fed or gently stroked. On the contrary, some cats prefer to be left alone when eating. Try out both ways to find out whether you should give space to your cat when eating.


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