3 Myths and Truths About Feeding Your Dog

Myth #1: Raw Diet Can Make Your Dog Aggressive

Dogs are naturally more territorial and possessive when it comes to food, especially when it’s good food! Consider the method and routine you practice in feeding your dog. It’s more of a ‘how’ you feed your dog rather than ‘what’ you feed your dog. Make sure your dog eats in a safe and non-threatening environment to avoid the thought where their food may be taken away or snatched at any time.

Myth #2: Bones Are Dangerous for Dogs

Dogs can eat bones, but not all types of bones! While cooked and dehydrated bones are brittle and splintered, raw bones are the opposite! Raw bones have a soft and chewy texture, plus it is easy to digest. Raw bones are often included in pre-prepared complete raw meals as an important source of minerals and essential fatty acids for dogs.

Myth #3: Real Meat Is More Nutritious Than Meat Meal

Chicken vs chicken meal, let’s use this as an example. If your purpose is to give your dog more meat nutrients, go for chicken meal. Ingredients on the ingredients list are mostly arranged in descending order according to their weight, including the weight of any water component. While chicken listed on the list is the weight of unprocessed chicken and with water included, chicken meal is chicken meat but with water and fat removed. Though it weighs less than chicken, it contains a higher ratio of protein.

OzPro understands what every dog needs in aspects of diet and nutrition. For that, we formulated a wide range of palatable boosters and meals with freeze-dried technology to retain raw meat’s original nutrients, giving your beloved canine a nutritious and wholesome diet. Find out more about OzPro RawFeast® booster and holistic range here.


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