An Introduction to OzPro RawFeast Holistic Range

OzPro RawFeast Holistic

OzPro RawFeast Holistic Range is not only for dogs but cats too! Holistic means wholesome and comprehensive, meaning it is specially designed to give both cats and dogs a complete and balanced diet. Not only is it nutritious, but it’s also highly suitable for cats and dogs with sensitive digestion!

3 Exciting Flavours to Choose​

  • Holistic Chicken Salmon & Cod Fish
  • Holistic Ostrich
  • Holistic Beef Salmon & Cod Fish

#1 Holistic Chicken Salmon

#2 Holistic Beef Salmon

#3 Holistic Ostrich

OzPro RawFeast Holistic Range is the only food your cats and dogs need for a complete and balanced diet. Shop the full collection here.

We provide free delivery nationwide with just a minimum purchase of RM120! For those staying within Klang Valley, you can even choose SAME DAY delivery for orders over RM250!


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