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Reasons Why Cats and Dogs Eat Grass

You’ve probably seen your cat or dog chew off grass once in a while or for some pet owners, they witness this on a daily or even on a weekly basis! Many theories have been proposed regarding the reason behind all this grass-eating business. 

Which is the real reason then? After numerous studies and research, most veterinarians came to a conclusion where in most cases, grass eating is a common behaviour in normal dogs and cats, which means it has zero correlation with illnesses. 

In short, there is no solid conclusion as to why dogs and cats eat grass. As long as the consumed grass is not covered in harmful chemicals such as pesticides or fertilizers, it may not be life threatening. Still, pay attention if their grass eating activity goes overboard! If your dog or cat continuously eats grass and vomits afterward, it may be due to an irritation to the stomach from eating too much grass. 

If your pet shows any irregular behaviour or symptoms of illness, it is best to call your veterinarian for further checking!

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