What's Freeze-Dried Pet Food?

Freeze-dried pet food is essentially raw ingredients that are put through low temperatures of -40°c and pressure to remove only the moisture. With this technique, meat can be stored and consumed safely while retaining its nutritional goodness. Here at OzPro, we provide an array of freeze-dried raw meat with different flavours for your felines and canines! Not only is it yummy and nutritious, but it can also be served in different methods as well! 

Here are 3 methods on how you can serve freeze-dried pet food…

#1 Feeding Dry

Just pour the freeze-dried pellets into your pet’s food bowl, and they’re ready to eat! Feeding dry is the most convenient and keeps their dental health in check. Aside from its convenience and easy to feed format, freeze-dried raw meat has a longer shelf life. It also requires no refrigeration. Now, your pet can get all the nutrition it needs with ease!

#2 Soaking

Simply add water and soak the freeze-dried pellets for 3-5 minutes to rehydrate the meat and give it a soft texture. The benefit of soaking or adding water to your pet’s food is that it provides them with a hydration boost and helps prevent health issues like bladder stones. But brushing your pet’s teeth every day is highly recommended as the food can get stuck between teeth and build up plaque. 

#3 Mix With Kibbles

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No matter what feeding method, your fur-babies will go nuts over it! All feeding methods have different benefits.

You can even feed a combination of dry and soaked for a variety of textures. Experiment with different flavours and feeding methods to see which suits your pet best! 

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